Upholstery cleaning services

Upholstery cleaning services

Furniture is often a big investment for a household, and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a small ottoman to a large corner sofa, and anything in between. As we spend so much of our time relaxing on our soft furnishings, accidents can happen and dust builds up, leading to stains and dirt building in the fibres making them look tired and dirty. That’s why we offer Upholstery cleaning services to deep clean your upholstery to remove this dirt and bring your furniture back to life. Don’t let your upholstery go to waste due to uncleanness or improper care. Call me today for free no obligation quote 07 574 923082 – Henryk

Examples of Our upholstery cleaning services

On video below: before and after Professional Upholstery Cleaning services. Job just a couple miles from Tenbury. 3 seater, 2 seater and armchair. One of my favourite types of upholstery cleaning: very dirty. I knew that the cleaning results will be striking due to bright material, hence the video to highlight the difference of before and after cleaning.
For this job as always I have started with hoovering all the surfaces to remove bigger particles and any hair with attention to gaps between.
Prespreyed all surfaces with upholstery cleaner. As I go, agitate all with hand soft brush. Last cleaning step – extract everything (steam cleaning) with 1/2 overlap to make sure no residue is left. Due to my detailing approach and the fact this is as always a deep cleaning entire process took about 3h long. Upholstery cleaning result: like new.

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Cars are vital to so many of us, and nothing beats that “new car feel”. However, over time, dust, dirt, grime and stains build up, making the car look dirty, not to mention that lingering smell you can’t seem to shift. We can offer to deep clean the upholstery in your vehicle, targeting stains, vacuuming the heavy debris away, and finishing with a deep steam clean leaving the upholstery looking and smelling fresh once again.

See the short video from van interiors cleaning below.

On this occasion professional upholstery cleaning services and another very happy customer. All customers I treat with individual approach, aiming always for The best possible results.

Upholstery cleaning of corner sofa:

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