How often to clean your carpets?

clean your carpetsIn this post I would like to make you aware how often to clean your carpets. (professionally) Carpeting is a great flooring option at home, because of warmth, comfort and it feels good on bare feet. Unfortunately most are unaware of the ugly truth. It’s a germ hotspot and can be thousands times dirtier than your toilet seat and it can also have many different organisms living in it. Your carpet does a valuable job by acting as a filter, trapping damaging air pollutants like pollen, fungi, chemicals, bacteria, cigarette smoke, tars, and residues. The trouble is once the carpet gets “full” it no longer traps or holds these air pollutants. Therefore depends how vividly you use your carpets we recommended a yearly professional cleaning as a minimum. To find out more about benefits of professional carpet cleaning please wisit our page:

How often do you clean your carpets? (professionally)

On video below I have collected some of this year footage of emptying waste tanker from our extraction machine. Aim here is to make you aware how really dirty your carpets really are.